the end of a story

that’s not easy for me but it’s time to say “good-bye”
as expected, after 16 years online, Captive Culture is going to close.

I have to stop my websites soon.
My company closed, I took several weeks to analyze the situation.
Unfortunately, there is no other option.

After I wrote a blog post to inform my visitors,
the guest area has been disabled.

I give more time to the members area,
you will be able to download my content before I stop everything.

I don’t know about the future.
I will probably share my pics through the social networks now.
Life is complicated, even more when you deal with health issues.
That’s also the reason I have to start a shutdown process.

I will be happy to keep in touch on Twitter / @captiveculture
As we say in France “au revoir les amis” !