more news

I could write a long post but it would be too boring … if you read my comments or networks, you know why I was away AFK. After my cancer and colostomy in 2017, my mother is gone last year after 4 months at the hospital. My state of mind is impossible to describe : I had no motivation for this blog and it’s still different for me. But I need to focus on something else .. and you know I love to share and exchange with you. I won’t do a weekly update like before, mainly because my daily routine is complicated with my health. I never know which day will be good or bad Today, I have been able to add a photo series to the blog. Of course, because of the censorship wave on tumblr. I have to find another way to host my thumbnails. I am not comfortable using the wordpress system … is there a risk to post BDSM pics here ? I don’t know. When I opened this blog, I planned to use wordpress for the text, hotlinking tumblr for the pics, and mega as zip archive provider. I am going to change the thumbnails within the next days. I also need to find how to share more content too. My goal was to bring back our favorites using my back-up but some photo series don’t have a commentary or great image quality. Should I post those average pictures anyway ? I’m a maniac then I don’t like when something isn’t looking good. Maybe I could create another category to share those pics, allowing me to post zip archives without writing a comment. Please, tell me what you think about all this … see you next time and sorry for this long silence !

back online

As you know, I closed my websites last year … after this, my health issues have been confirmed. I’m still fighting to get a better life after the cancer, even if my daily routine with a colostomy isn’t easy. There are so many things I can’t do anymore … it drives me crazy but I know something. I don’t want to trash my work and wipe all these memories, that’s why I need to stay online and keep the contact with you. Things will be different using free tools to share my archives … that’s how I started my adventure on the internet 20 years ago. We are going to try and explore this way now. I hope you will like it.

some news

Okay folks … here are the news. I’m back home after one month at the hospital. Heavy surgery. Infection. Another operation needed. I’ve been 9 days out of this world with a breathing machine. I lost 20 kg and the use of my legs. Slowly recovering, not easy but I’m alive. After several months of fight to find the best option, I’m happy to know the cancer has been removed. No chemotherapy needed


As explained in a previous post, I had to close the websites. My health issues are still a problem : no time for this blog for now but maybe later … I hope you will get more news & pics within the future. Be kinky, be happy !

the end of a story

That’s not easy for me but it’s time to say “good-bye” as expected, after 16 years online, Captive Culture is going to close. I have to stop my websites soon. My company closed, I took several weeks to analyze the situation. Unfortunately, there is no other option. After I wrote a blog post to inform my visitors, the guest area has been disabled. I give more time to the members area, you will be able to download my content before I stop everything. I don’t know about the future. I will probably share my pics through the social networks now. Life is complicated, even more when you deal with health issues. That’s also the reason I have to start a shutdown process. I will be happy to keep in touch on Twitter / @captiveculture. As we say in France “au revoir les amis” !