Jerome Duplessis : you know me as the french photographer & bondage rigger who created the Captive Culture website … 17 years ago !

I like to capture the beauty of a woman exploring her fantasies : shiny latex, tight corset, nylon stockings & high heels for fetish photography or simply naked for japanese bondage.

For the little story, I did my first photo session owithout any experience. I was nothing more than a bondage lover who wanted to share his passion on the internet. Of course, everything was different on year 2000 : slow connections, old school websites & no social networks. We were seeking pictures in the newsgroups and the digital revolution just started. I brought my first camera & tried to learn how to use it. No need to say the beginning has been complicated, even more to find some models. Most of these women discovered latex clothes watching movies like The Matrix or Underworld … you can imagine their feeling about bondage & domination. Anyway, I got the chance to meet some girls who accepted to explore these kinky games in front of my lens. That’s how I started to shoot my own fetish pictures.

During all these years, I did my best to create more photo series & movies. Some people think Captive Culture was like a big company … wrong idea ! I was working at home, even for shooting. Doing everything alone isn’t easy but it gives a unique feeling : my websites were like babies for me, spending hours on image editing or updates. Like some others photographers who started in the early years of the world wide web, I am proud to know my productions helped some people to feel comfortable with their desires and popularized the BDSM universe.

Internet changed. Only few of the pioneers are still online. The adventure has been long and brought a lot of memories. Even if everything is different now, I continue to share my archives with you … just because I like it. That’s my philosophy and I won’t leave this way.


10 Replies to “BIOGRAPHY”

  1. Hello Jerome, good to see you back online and hopefully in good shape. Your website took a very unique place in my mind given that I was rather young when you started and Internet was very different as you accurately described it in your post. It’s a pitty that there is fewer space for you or people like you to work like you worked !

    Best regards.

    1. thank you Jim … always nice to read nice words from people who didn’t forget what internet was before. I have been lucky to take the train when everything was possible. Today my time is over but I still want to share my pics like of a tribute to our passion.

  2. Very sad to see captive and latex culture go – I was a very happy subscriber in the old days. I still appreciate the beautiful rope work and photography which are amongst the very best. And because of you, I love french girls too

    1. thanks … indeed that was hard to kill them. I hate when I am forced to do something but, now, I’m back with the desire to bring back online the best of my work. It will be different but the most important for me is being there.

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