photo series 366-01

photo series 366-01

85 images starring Suzy

One week before, Suzy discovered the feeling of being encaged for the first time. So, because I needed more pictures and she wanted to do it again, we decided to shoot another session … the goal ? ropes inside the cage ! Last time, I explained how Suzy enjoyed so much the cage. So, she was excited about being encaged another time, and she knew I would tie her body like I did with Dana long time ago. After some shots to show her metal collar and high heel shoes, I tied her arms in the back and prepared the semi-suspension. This position isn’t easy and, for the first time, I was able to shoot it using a dark atmosphere : I did a soft lighting and the effect is increased by a neutral photoshop editing … because the first set in cage was hard in contrast, I wanted the second series smoother. You will notice Suzy is totally naked, it gives a nice touch to the pictures even if everything is suggested. Of course, because she loves nipple play, I added the clamps to the game … and even did a surprise using a weight to increase her pleasure. As usual, I hope you will like to watch those pictures !

– shot on 2010, December 05
– published on Captive Culture

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