photo series 291-01

photo series 291-01

75 images starring Noémie

Let’s share one photo series from Latex Culture … I shot this one on January 20008 assisted by a young lady learning photography. I helped her and she went at home for several days. Of course, I planned some sessions including this nice set with Noémie. Before you ask, the whole outfit has been made on request by House of Harlot … one day, I got this great idea to mix a straitjacket with a catsuit and asked it to Robin Archer who was my favorite latex designer. I don’t have a lot of memories about that shooting. I know we did some shibari after this photo series. I was used to organize my shooting days like that to avoid ropemarks for fetish sets. Anyway, I hope you will appreciate to watch it. See you next time !

– shot on 2008, January 08
– published on Latex Culture

4 Replies to “photo series 291-01”

  1. This is one of my favorite shoots ever and was half of the reason I subscribed to LatexCulture (the other half being Amelie in Night Dream).

    Noémie has such an infectious smile, and her tattoos look incredible through the transparent latex. Wonderful shoot. Thank you for this Jerome, hope you’re doing well!

    1. I agree with you … her smile makes the difference !
      Night Dream was a nice video too.
      thanks for your comment !

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