photo series 315-01

photo series 315-01

145 images starring Mina

After Amélie and Graziella, Mina went inside the cage to finish my triptych dedicated to french girls encaged … no need to explain the light setting because I already wrote a lot about this fact when I published the two previous parts. As a trained captive girl, Mina lived more exciting things than the others french girls : ball-gag harness like Amélie, nudity like Graziella plus rope immobilization and nipple clamps. Moreover, Mina had to deal with another fact which wasn’t expected : shot during the winter while snow was in the air, my studio was cold and the heat machine wasn’t not enough to bring a comfortable temperature. That’s why you will notice some nice details like her skin and tits. I can say Mina was really tired too after a long trip and several shootings and public performance : it didn’t help to be comfortable with the cage restraint and the ball-gag harness. We had to remove it for a while because Mina got some problems to deal with the ball, maybe that’s why I added the clamps, to make you happy while her mouth was getting a small break. Anyway, the bondage position she had to manage was enough to make the pictures exciting : tight elbows in the back, bound to the top of the cage means you have no escape and not a lot of options to move ! And, because I am not a sweet guy, I ended the session putting back the clamps on those nice tits.

– shot on 2008, December 13
– published on Captive Culture

8 Replies to “photo series 315-01”

    1. Mina stopped modeling on year 2010 and her website closed later … but she’s well enjoying a new life.

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