photo series 332-02

photo series 332-02

190 images starring Amélie

After some photo studio pictures, we dediced to play “beyond the lights” with Amélie : I gave her nylons with a gold seam and my old red satin blouse … you will discover her lingerie in the end, when we went to the bathroom for more kinky pics. Amélie discovered the feeling about being dressed with wet clothes and she totally enjoyed it ! Before that discovery, I tied Amélie with strict ties and I listened her suggestion about plastic bag and breath control. For the first time, I shot a french girl watching through the window while she was fighting for breathing : it was really nice and I hope you will love it too 🙂 One reader of this blog noticed my single glove have not been used since a while : I love leather restraint but I try to use it for special occasions … this first beyond the light session with Amélie was good enough to immobilize my partner with this armbinder made by my friend Heiko. We got a nice time shooting together and I did a lot of pictures through different situations … that’s why the whole set is bigger than usual 🙂 Enjoy it !

– shot on 2009, August 29
– published on Captive Culture

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