photo series 196-02

photo series 196-02

90 images starring Diva

Diva was there for another rope session : there is no mistery … take a nice sexy girl, bound and gagged her, wearing a simple and sexy outfit and you will get something good. We did this sequence after a latex pinup one : I was a bit afraid because Diva was really tired after the first set but, finally, I found enough good pictures to build a set even if we got a problem with the camera. Due to those bad surprises, I decided to work in manual mode and change my lens. Since this time, I got better pictures. I also remember Diva has been gagged for a long time because we took many pics after. In the end of the set, I trapped Diva in a small closet Oh, I forgot one thing. you will notice I started the bondage session with a reverse prayer position. I had to break up and change my plans after 30-45 minutes because it was too painful for Diva. But you should love my second ropework : it was comfortable and efficient to be bound for several hours.

– shot on 2005, May 01
– published on Captive Culture

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