photo series 343-01


65 images starring Suzy

Day #02 of her second trip to Paris : after a cold night sleeping in the photo studio, another day of bondage started for Miss Suzy. I hope you like to follow her discovery of the Captive Culture universe … as a little reminder, the day before, she arrived at home and we played beyond the lights. I told you Suzy is a bit shy and the training implies to push her limits in the same time we work on her need of restraint. When she visited me for the first time in October, she got lot of ropes but nothing more … last December, for her second session together, she lived her first suspension before to be challenged with one of her limits, showing her lovely boobs. I know it looks unreal but some girls are not comfortable with nudity and Suzy was one of them. That’s nice because it gives to the photography a special taste, to be honnest, I prefer a shy girl revealing herself just because there is something in her eyes and her mind. You know I love the human adventure and this kind of situation helps to build a better link with a model sharing something special. So, the day before this shibari session, I tested Suzy moving her boobs over the cups of her bra : I did it after the suspension, introducing nipple play with clamps and pegs. You have to know Suzy loves the feeling of being clamped and that’s rare among the french girls. Because the test has been successful on saturday, I knew she would be topless after a while. Indeed, I started with ropes and bamboo, putting Suzy in a strict position before to release her arms and feets after one hour of restraint. Then, we did a small break before to go back under the lights : as I said to Suzy, the feeling of a breast bondage is different when you don’t wear a bra … and she loved it even if I know the fact being exposed to the camera didn’t help her to be relax. She also had to take the appropriate position, looking down on request : Suzy wants to explore the submissive side, I am there to lead the way. Several minutes later, Suzy got the clothespins back : the day before she felt from one to four pegs on her skin, that day, she had to deal with six pegs on the right breast and ten others on the left breast. 10 minutes being clamped without moaning or begging : I like how Suzy domesticates the pain of my challenge. Meanwhile, she discovered the discomfort of a clothespin pinching her tongue. She didn’t know this game. Suzy was loving my universe but she ignored some tricks. Last but not least, you will notice she has been challenged in the end : I took her panties down, as a warning for the next step. I knew revealing her pubic hair would give her some extra heartbeats. That’s the moment I have chosen to remove the clothepins taking several shots of the marks on her skin. I liked the expressions that Suzy gave to my lens in the end : you can read on her face she’s proud and excited. After this photo series, we went to the bathroom for the pictures you know : Suzy bound in the water wearing her wet clothes. Each set was an adventure for Suzy and that’s what we like … ins’t it?

– shot on 2009, December 14
– published on Captive Culture

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