photo series 294-01


135 images starring Mina + Lunna

Mina asked me to invite a french mistress, Lunna, to shoot a session with she … good idea : Lunna enjoyed to dominate lovely girls ! On this photo series, we got a problem with the make-up and some camera troubles because I was still fighting with a brand new photo stuff which was badly calibrated. I tried to minimize it using photoshop but I have never been satisfied about the result. Anyway, I was not used to work with people I never met before and/or women who didn’t model a lot. Lunna joined us for one set of pictures. She brought some good ideas and was kind enough to listen my advices for others. It helped to capture a nice power exchange session between the Mistress and her submissive. I love when I don’t need to speak all the time and explain to the dominant model that the other girl won’t die because she’s licking her shoes or she’s getting her nipples twisted. As I experienced in the past with Dame Noire, Lunna played with her pet without any hesitation. As I said to Mina after the session, I even think she was ready to get more from her beautiful red head slave. I guess you will like the way Lunna teased Mina during the whole session : obedience, humiliation, restraint, bondage, flogging and, last but not least, nipple play. You should also appreciate her PVC catsuit and boots which matched really well with the corset. I let you download the whole set and wish you a nice week-end.

– shot on 2008, February 03
– published on Captive Culture

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