interview with amélie


60 minutes starring Amélie

That’s a while I didn’t post a video on the blog. Sorry for this but last weeks have been complicated. Anyway, I decided to share the interview of Amélie which was bound and teased while she had to answer some questions. I apologize for my international audience but the whole video is in french language only. I know that’s boring and this is the reason I never did this kind of bonus for my websites. We were unable to do it in english or it would have been badly funny. But, one day, I thought we could mix an interview with some bondage action. This is what you are going to download and watch … that’s not important if you don’t understand french language, you will discover another side of Amélie, her body language or expressions. For the little story, I did the first interview with Anaïs playing and talking. It was great but, with Amélie, I wanted to add something new. Mainly because Amélie wasn’t kinky like Anaïs who have been waxed and vibed while she was dealing with a plastic bag on her head. The limits of Amélie were different then I knew the action would be softer. My friend AnnLiz joined us to be the interviewer. That’s why you will hear two girls talking while I am teasing Amélie with ropes, ice cubes, tickling and even breathplay. Amélie discovered this game for the first time during this interview, the perfect moment to capture her reaction ! That’s always interesting to catch something natural and primal like this … no doubt you will love this part of the video. The interview is 10 years old, unperfect but playful. You will see how I was working at this period, talking and joking to create a cool atmosphere with my models.

breathplay discovery

2 years before, Amélie started her captiveculture adventure,
today, it’s time to know more about her tastes and feelings.

One simple interview ? Too easy. We need some action !
Let’s see how Amélie manages the situation when she’s bound,
exposed and tickled. What about the plastic bag ?

– shot on 2008, April 19
– published on Captive Culture

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