photo series 351-01

photo series 351-01

130 images starring Suzy + Eskarina

They never did a photo session with another girl … I invited Eskarina and Suzy to meet each other and they explored domination games together. Both of them are very shy and that’s the point which made me thought they would be comfortable like this. I didn’t shoot a duo since a long time but I am sure you’ll love the result. A lot of people have a crush for Eskarina, no doubt her fans will watch the photo series with attentive eyes. Mistress and submissive : they have never been in such situation and it was really interesting to capture her personal exploration about the power exchange. The classy and sensual situation helped to build a mix between the dominant lady and her submissive. You have to know they played the game and pushed their limits for you. At this period, I was working more and more on the psychological aspect with my models because I wanted to show something personal in my photography. So, don’t think Eskarina and Suzy pushed their limits for bad reasons because I had already stopped to pay my models. On one side, I was unable to do it anymore and, on the other side, I realized money is a cell for the mind of my models because they were tempted to do something for more bucks. That’s something which happened several times and it was really disturbing. I don’t remember excactly when I stopped to pay my models but it was probably two years before. Eskarina or Suzy were few of my models who have never been involved into this money exchange and our collaboration was better like this. We were used to shoot the situations they wanted to explore and I was there to capture what they wanted to share with us. It made every action more intimate. For example, Suzy didn’t hesitate to lick shoes, heels, feet and toes because she had the desire to do it. Suzy has also been collared for the first time with a metal collar, strong, tight and locked with a padlock. Last but not least, she got her first experience with a ball-gag too ! All this week-end have been intense for Suzy : the day after, she was suspended and spanked in the bedroom of a friend, Diane. I hope Eskarina also keeps some nice memories about the photo series you are going to download. As always, please contact me if you encounter any problem with a bad or broken link … thanks !

– shot on 2010, May 01
– published on Captive Culture

2 Replies to “photo series 351-01”

  1. Hey, do you have any idea when you are releasing the purple full body straitjacket collection. Really liked that photo collection. The same with all your work really. 😉

    1. I don’t know … every friday, I choose something to share, randomly, trying to alternate between different styles and models to please anyone.

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