photo series 357-01

photo series 357-01

155 images starring Coffin Jane

Let’s share another photo series focused on rope bondage. That day, I got the pleasure to meet another cool girl modeling for glamour and pin-up photography. She contacted me through DeviantArt and we scheduled a shibari session during her trip to Paris. It’s not so easy to meet an unknown man for being bound two hours later … but Miss Coffin Jane trusted me and she quickly looked comfortable with ropes. Like many of my models, she has never been bound before (I mean, not really tied, just a quick and partial ropework for a party) and I decided to go slowly, building different positions before to make her live an exciting experience. Before to publish this photo series on Captive Culture, I blogged a wallpaper showing three pictures of this set showing the final position which is too explicite for posting on any social network. Oh, yes, I didn’t explain why the preview picture are so soft … I prefer to avoid any censorship with Facebook or Twitter. That’s why there is no frontal nudity in my public posts. Just click here if you want to watch the picture posted on DA seven years ago. Back to the session now. I really like the atmosphere of this photo series : nice contrast, deep shadows and my ropework which was really playing with the body of my model. Coffin Jane has lovely curves and it was really cool to shoot and bind her. For the little story, she was wearing her own lingerie before to be topless. So, for a first time, you will have the pleasure to see her nice boobs in tight ropes. I’ve tied many girls with small breast and I like it but, everytime a busty woman is in my ropes, I can’t resist to play with her tits and try some playful ties. If you watch carefully the end of this set, you will notice the right breast was nicely pulled on ! It was a nice afternoon and she was happy about her first time. We did several sessions together which will be added to the blog shortly. As always, leave a comment even to say “theanks for sharing” or if you have anything else in mind. If you encounter any problem with the zip file, please use the contact page !

– shot on 2010, July 09
– published on Captive Culture

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