photo series 356-03


70 images starring Mina

Do you remember the photo series with Mina in the garden ? We moved back into my house to shoot some kinbaku pictures on the sofa … she discovered the softness of white leather and, for one time, we did some pin-up shots during a “beyond the lights” session. Mina was naked except the tight PVC corset I like to use with strong girls … her body shape was beautiful and it helped to increase the feeling of restraint before to play with jupe ropes. Unfortunately, we had to shorten the bondage time : this bondage position was too painful for Mina. It was probably too much after two hours in the latex straitjacket and another hour bound to the tree. But I think you will appreciate the strict ties experienced by Mina to end this kinky afternoon !

– shot on 2010, May 23
– published on Captive Culture

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