photo series 160-01


85 images starring Bianca + Eve

Happy Halloween to Everyone … let’s share one special photo series shot long time ago for this event ! I organized one session with Bianca & Eve thinking the contrast between these two girls would be interesting. Indeed, dressed in red latex and high heel shoes, Bianca was looking like a tall goddess. On the opposite side, Eve was only wearing a lingerie set, nothing sophisticated for this story. We started with few pictures outside : Bianca found Eve, the hitchhiker, on a road. The story continues inside with Eve trapped in a cage : Bianca changed her casual clothes for a fetish outfit and Eve is only dressed with her underwear. If today, I don’t like this kind of story anymore, I must say the whole series was nice. The captive girl is slowly going down, following the orders of a beautiful Mistress. Bound on the floor, trained to kiss and lick her shoes before to be gagged. The finale is one of the rare scenes suggesting a dramatic ending : when she was searching a driver, Eve had a cardboard sign with the “Paris” word. In the end, the cardboard has been changed as “victim” … I wanted something dark for the Halloween session. This photo series has been long to shoot but I took the time to play with my camera. When I released the whole set, I was proud of those pictures. As I wrote on my previous blog, my photography started to become better during this period … more details, more depth of field, more sharpness. That’s what I like to watch on my screen and I hope you will like it !

– shot on 2004, October 23
– published on Captive Culture

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