night dream

night dream video

28 minutes starring Amélie

It’s now time to share some videos on this blog. I tried to find a better way to host my short or long movies but that’s complicated. Censorship is always strong on YouTube or Vimeos and I don’t want to be blocked again on those networks. Lot of people suggested me to use YouPorn or PornHub but, honestly, I don’t want to post my movies on this kind of websites. Why ? First, I think my videos wouldn’t be appreciated because the action is softcore. Second, I don’t want to expose my models on popular porn networks just because each video contains their physical appearance but also the voice and attitude they still have nowadays. I have always been respectful about the girls I worked with and I try to find the right balance between protecting their privacy and sharing my productions. That’s why I took the time to think about the situation and I waited several weeks before to release this movie. Using the download method, the risk is less high and I am still able to remove this content if needed. Of course, I am aware a lot of my videos are already available on illegal websites or torrents but I won’t unleashed the beast posting any video like a selfish guy. For the same reason, I will select carefully the movies which will be available … it would have been unfair to share nothing. As I wrote previously, one video is like a cherry on the cake and some of them are really cool to watch when you’re a fan. Today, I hope you will enjoy this footage with Amélie, one of the best we did together.

the fantasy of Miss Amélie

After a long day at work, Amélie is sleeping in her satin sheets.
She begins to dream about Anaïs, her manager at work.

First, a metal collar around the neck before to be handcuffed.
The comes a ball-gag : restraint & spanking : the things she loves.
Later, Amélie is immobilized with a latex straitjacket … alone !

– shot on 2007, September 09
– published on Latex Culture

5 Replies to “night dream”

  1. This is and will always be my favorite video ever. I was a member to latexculture a long time ago, and after a hard-drive crash, re-subscribed to your site just because I wanted this video back.

    Amelie is so adorable and sexy, and that transparent straitjacket on her is indeed a “dream”.

    Great work as always Jerome, thank you for making this available once again. Your work is legendary!

    1. thank you for your nice words … those are my reward nowadays and I really appreciate to read such a comment.

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